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Hi, my name is Pawel, and I am a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Manchester, UK. I have been drawing since I was able to hold a pencil, and it remains my lifelong passion.

I started developing the styles I work in during primary school while doodling with my friends on school walls and desks. Over the years, I have transferred it to my works on paper, canvas, skateboards, surfboards, and finally to skin.

I have always been fascinated by different, sometimes very contrasting fields of art. Seeking inspiration from various areas, from traditional indigenous art, VHS or music album covers, to street art, I have created a portfolio that includes colorful doodle characters, as well as abstract shapes and dark sketchy creatures.

My mind is always open to new ideas, and my art continues to evolve as I do. Follow me on Instagram to stay up-to-date on my latest creations.

I specialize in both black and grey, as well as color tattoos. I take pride in creating unique designs that reflect your individuality and make your tattoo truly yours for life.

To inquire about a tattoo, please use the form at the bottom of my website or contact me via email or Instagram.

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