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ABOUT: About

Hey, my name is Pawel, I am a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Manchester // UK.


I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. That's my way, the only one I'm faithful to.


I’ve started growing the styles I am working in while doodling with my homies on school walls and desks. Later over the years, I've transferred it to my works on paper, canvas, skateboards, surfboards and finally to skin.


I've always tended to be fascinated by different, sometimes very contrasting fields of art. Looking for inspiration in various areas, from traditional Japanese drawings through VHS or music albums covers to street art, I ended up with a portfolio, where you can find both colourful doodles characters as well as abstract shapes or dark sketchy creatures.


My mind is open and my brain thirsty, so my art grows as I grow.  If you'd like to keep up with it follow me on Instagram.


I'm working in black and grey as well as in colour.

I would love to see your tattoo idea and add to it unique touch to make it all yours for life.


So .. for tattoo enquiries use the form on the bottom of this site or contact me through email or Instagram.

ABOUT: Instagram
ABOUT: About
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ABOUT: Contact
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